2 Reubens  , Fremantle 

One of the things patches loves most about Fremantle  is the cafe culture 

While op shopping she found a hidden gem , a small cafe  just of the coffee strip , an old house that has been turned into something awesome !

She ordered a big coffee and asked the waitress  to suprize her with a piece of slice ! 

Which she did ! A ” sort of snickers bar inspired ” nut slice that was gluten free, sugar free and dairy  free !

It was magical! Sweet but not to sweet and just the perfect size

She will definitely  be back !! And would recommend it to everyone !!


Day tripping to Freo 

Beautiful  sunny winters day ! The perfect day for me a peppy to go for a trip on the bus and have a bit of a walk around Freo !!

We went of the bus , on the train and on the bus again . I’m a huge fan of public transport so I really enjoyed it ! And being able 2 enjoy it with some one elce just makes it better !

I have always loved Fremantle  it has such an amazing soul . Always moving , always welcoming   and  always arty !

The foreshore  is beautiful ! And has the spirit of rock and roll is pretty strong there ! 

We ventured along the cafe strip .

Coffee and Cake, sunshine and friends . I don’t Need a reason to come here  . I could spend my life walking around Freo visiting all there is to see !

We could just stay here and watch the world slowly stroll by !

Beautiful and big parks . That seemed busy but also relaxed free !

The last thing  we did before  we headed home was watch the sun set over the water . So many colours ! It was like happiness  in the sky! perfect end to a perfect day ! 

Looking forward to going back !!

Peppers Tiny shopping adventure !

Milk , ham , bread,black nail Polish. .. you know .. the usual ! . A walk around coles baldivis in the hopes of spotting a bargain !

Always on the look out for clearance or 50% off tags !  That beautiful yellow tag !

Ham for tonight’s quick dinner ( toasties) apples for a pie   , milk for coffee   and the nail Polish cause it was on special !

There is a strange sence of comfort in  walking up and down the rows . Just looking for the special,  fingers crossed that it’s on something useable

Why are cats so fussy ? Smudge won’t eat anything but this !

And of course!! The best way to end a shopping trip no matter how big or small is a trip to Dome! . Pepper loves flat whites  and to just relax with a bit of people watching 

Coffee ,coffee, shopping lists !!

My fridge is almost empty and it’s freezing at home ! This calls for a coffee ! It’s a pretty quiet adventure today! A bus ride, an Itty bitty walk , a nice hot coffee and a plan !

Page and I can’t seem to get  enough of this place Mrs Fields Cookies !! It is our Monday morning joy  ( I know today is Tuesday but yesterday was a public holiday so today is basically a monday)

I plan my week and we spoil our self a little !

We also buy a few extra macaroons  for Pancake and Pikelet !!