2 Reubens  , Fremantle 

One of the things patches loves most about Fremantle  is the cafe culture 

While op shopping she found a hidden gem , a small cafe  just of the coffee strip , an old house that has been turned into something awesome !

She ordered a big coffee and asked the waitress  to suprize her with a piece of slice ! 

Which she did ! A ” sort of snickers bar inspired ” nut slice that was gluten free, sugar free and dairy  free !

It was magical! Sweet but not to sweet and just the perfect size

She will definitely  be back !! And would recommend it to everyone !!


Patches op shop trip

A beautiful  sunny start to this mild autumn  day !

Patches woke up this morning with the bargain  shoppers itch !! Decided it would be the perfect day for a bus trip…

A train trip …

And another bus trip ! 

Heading to Fremantle  isn’t a quick trip but it is definitely worth it 

She went from op shop to op shop looking for hidden treasures 

She found all sorts !

Looking forward to going again soon !

Second hand planner

Peta and poppy decided on a little shopping g trip ! Thankfully they took there new planner so they could keep organized !

It’s a beautiful Filofax! A Malden in the colour Ochre  !second hand and all the way from the UK  !

Only a week old for the girls tho !

Poppy loves accessories ! The side pockets are full of all kinds of little pretties 

Little bits from Kikki K , typo and even a few all the way from Japan!

Blank pages ! Lots of room for stories !

The  ” dashboard ” is the perfect  spot for there shopping list and quick to dos !

They found 2 places on etsy for some cute bookmarks ! Thor is from Beedoo and the coffee is from craftedvan

The wrinkles  and soft leather mean that this beauty  will age so well !  

Amazing japan

Hi I’m Peko! From Ueno in Tokyo  ! I used to live in a 7 storey building  just across from the station ! Tho now I live with  Pip and all the other angles ! 

Before I moved to perth I had one more little day trip to the Sky tree in Asakusa!!

Everything I wanted to see was just a quick train ride away !

A creamy caramel  latte and some pancakes . To die for !! Not really  ” japanese food” but so yummy !


I  love how many vending machines there are around me ! I’m pretty sure there was beer in this one ! Tho I’m not a drinker so it doesn’t matter !

The sky tree is / was amazing !  I could spend forever it its shadow !!

Tall , amazing , beautiful  , industrial, architectural! Wow 

Incredible  from every angle !

Goodbye  japan . Hope to see you again soon !

Blind boxes !

This is Pandora ! The newest member of our rag tag group of adventurers  ! She is beautiful and a total blind box nerd , she loves miniatures ! She brought some with her ! 

6 boxes of lil Itty bitty minecraft figures 

Each box is a Itty bitty suprize 

They are all so adorable 

Pandora  and I ripped through them all in no time !

Lots of empty boxes 

But look at all the adorable  little figures !  The lil bunny is by far my favorite!!

Toki Adorable!

Yesterday the mailman left an awesome package on my front door  ! 

Page and Penelope  got to it before me and had a good look at it 

It is a Ju Ju Be & Tokidoki  collaboration ! Ju Ju Be is a well known brand of nappy bag  and accessories  and Tokidoki  is know for there awesomely  busy prints ! 

This print is  : Donutella’s sweet shop !! And as soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it ! It’s such a funky  ,colourful and  sweet print !

The bag it’s self is AMAZING !!The Ju Ju Be brand of nappy bag is well known for its amazing quality  ! Light coloured lining, so many pockets , comfortable shoulder straps ,Teflon  coated for easy cleaning  and it’s well  structured  so it keeps its shape even when empty !!

I don’t have babies  I just love big bags ! Especially ones that I think match my personality!

I just can’t get over how damn cute this bag is !! 

It wasn’t cheap ! Including postage I think it was close to $250 . Which is alot of money for a tiny lil thing like me but as I will be going back to Japan soon it will be perfect for carry on !! 

I got a lil extra, a freebe with my order  ..  a beautifully  bright and sparkling  pink charm ! The little unicorn  I’ve had for ages !

I would  definitely  recommend  ! If u can find any of the print  get it ! You will not me disappointed  ! 

Late night snap chat madness!

Who doesn’t love a little late night  silliness !!

 Snap chat has some cute  filters atm !  The golden butterflies is definitely  one of my favs ! 

Penelope  ( the newest member of our rag tag group of adventurers) loves flower crowns . On snapchat and in real life ! 

I look adorable in a funky hat and purple hair ! 

Pepper was drawn in by the  golden butterflies too ! Gold and orange , what a perfect colour combo!

Who doesn’t look adorable with a bow the same size as her head ! 

And finally  a little bit of support  to our athletes  competing  in the Olympics!! Go Aussie !!

Day tripping to Freo 

Beautiful  sunny winters day ! The perfect day for me a peppy to go for a trip on the bus and have a bit of a walk around Freo !!

We went of the bus , on the train and on the bus again . I’m a huge fan of public transport so I really enjoyed it ! And being able 2 enjoy it with some one elce just makes it better !

I have always loved Fremantle  it has such an amazing soul . Always moving , always welcoming   and  always arty !

The foreshore  is beautiful ! And has the spirit of rock and roll is pretty strong there ! 

We ventured along the cafe strip .

Coffee and Cake, sunshine and friends . I don’t Need a reason to come here  . I could spend my life walking around Freo visiting all there is to see !

We could just stay here and watch the world slowly stroll by !

Beautiful and big parks . That seemed busy but also relaxed free !

The last thing  we did before  we headed home was watch the sun set over the water . So many colours ! It was like happiness  in the sky! perfect end to a perfect day ! 

Looking forward to going back !!

Rocket house 

I found the most awesome new home !! It red , it’s shiny , it’s multi story , and it’s a ROCKET !! it even has a lil moon buggy !!! Eeep!!!

Isn’t she a beauty !! #hearteyes 

Me and Page  had a look around ! The sun was up and it was beautifully  warm  ( tho in the shadow it was freezing ) 

Tiny garage . Just big enough for the lil moon buggy !!  Nothing that interesting ! 

But the living rooms in the middle .. Omg Adorable !!

How cute is this lil bed !!  

It’s perfect ! Tiny and orange .. ( just like me )

Coffee machine , microwave and toaster !!and I’m pretty sure that’s a washing machine rite in the middle 

Just in case I wana fly away from my problems !!

It’s so good  I had to bring every one over ! 

Every one seemed to love it to !! 

The great thing about this Rocket house … i can live anywhere !! 

Have a great rest of your week ! 

All wrapped up

I love getting things in the mail !! There is so much excitement  in getting a perfectly wrapped package tied up in yarn !

Yarn can be more important than the package to some people 

To Peta and Pepper it seems to be way more fun 

The weather has been cold and sad and the days cold and short! So receiving this has made my week . In face it has made my whole week !

I am obsessed with notebooks .and this is a hand painted custom order made especially for me ! 

Nicole roberts from Crazy organized  on Facebook and etsy made this amazing  travelers notebook for me for my trip to Japan in October 

I fell in love with the cherry blossoms  when we were there last year . I lost time just staring at the beauty of them so when I knew I wanted a custom painting  I knew exacly what it needed to be of !

I asked her the thibk of Ueno park as her inspiration 

I couldn’t be happier !! She is AMAZING I will definitely be ordering again from her !!

Beautiful  art !! Great customer service!!  Cute stickers !! And a Beautiful original, one of a kind ,unique notebook /travel  wallet 

A beautiful book to plan my adventures in !