Day tripping to Freo 

Beautiful  sunny winters day ! The perfect day for me a peppy to go for a trip on the bus and have a bit of a walk around Freo !!

We went of the bus , on the train and on the bus again . I’m a huge fan of public transport so I really enjoyed it ! And being able 2 enjoy it with some one elce just makes it better !

I have always loved Fremantle  it has such an amazing soul . Always moving , always welcoming   and  always arty !

The foreshore  is beautiful ! And has the spirit of rock and roll is pretty strong there ! 

We ventured along the cafe strip .

Coffee and Cake, sunshine and friends . I don’t Need a reason to come here  . I could spend my life walking around Freo visiting all there is to see !

We could just stay here and watch the world slowly stroll by !

Beautiful and big parks . That seemed busy but also relaxed free !

The last thing  we did before  we headed home was watch the sun set over the water . So many colours ! It was like happiness  in the sky! perfect end to a perfect day ! 

Looking forward to going back !!


Disappeared  for a lil while 

We have been a little quiet for a while . No new adventures . But that is going to change very soon ! 

But until then we are going to introduce ourselves ! A few little posts with our adorable posts and a teeny bit of our stories !