Rocket house 

I found the most awesome new home !! It red , it’s shiny , it’s multi story , and it’s a ROCKET !! it even has a lil moon buggy !!! Eeep!!!

Isn’t she a beauty !! #hearteyes 

Me and Page  had a look around ! The sun was up and it was beautifully  warm  ( tho in the shadow it was freezing ) 

Tiny garage . Just big enough for the lil moon buggy !!  Nothing that interesting ! 

But the living rooms in the middle .. Omg Adorable !!

How cute is this lil bed !!  

It’s perfect ! Tiny and orange .. ( just like me )

Coffee machine , microwave and toaster !!and I’m pretty sure that’s a washing machine rite in the middle 

Just in case I wana fly away from my problems !!

It’s so good  I had to bring every one over ! 

Every one seemed to love it to !! 

The great thing about this Rocket house … i can live anywhere !! 

Have a great rest of your week ! 


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