All wrapped up

I love getting things in the mail !! There is so much excitement  in getting a perfectly wrapped package tied up in yarn !

Yarn can be more important than the package to some people 

To Peta and Pepper it seems to be way more fun 

The weather has been cold and sad and the days cold and short! So receiving this has made my week . In face it has made my whole week !

I am obsessed with notebooks .and this is a hand painted custom order made especially for me ! 

Nicole roberts from Crazy organized  on Facebook and etsy made this amazing  travelers notebook for me for my trip to Japan in October 

I fell in love with the cherry blossoms  when we were there last year . I lost time just staring at the beauty of them so when I knew I wanted a custom painting  I knew exacly what it needed to be of !

I asked her the thibk of Ueno park as her inspiration 

I couldn’t be happier !! She is AMAZING I will definitely be ordering again from her !!

Beautiful  art !! Great customer service!!  Cute stickers !! And a Beautiful original, one of a kind ,unique notebook /travel  wallet 

A beautiful book to plan my adventures in !


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