Pancake and Pikelets  Macaroon adventure 

What better way to start the day than with a touch of Macaroon madness!  

Pancake and Pikelet are twins, they have quite a sweet tooth… Pikelet  especially! Pancake likes macaroons  but has a special place in her hart for mint chocolate !

Mrs Fields Cookies  makes AMAZING  macaroons  !! Tiny , sweet, yummy and always such vibrant colours !

So many to choose from ! 6 random! No idea of flavors .always go with random that way it’s suprize as well as a treat 

Pikelet could eat these every day !! But to make them special  they are a rare treat !

Enjoy … savor every bite ! Fall in love with every new macaroon ! A quick but sweet romance !!

Pancake and Pikelet  are super close and don’t go anywhere  without each other ! Best friends aswell as twins !

A little box of joy !! 

Till next time  


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