The summoning . New friends !!

Today we welcomed a new  member to our ever expanding  group of adventurers !  

We made our way up the hill to find the perfect place ! 

The sun was bright and warm and the sky was sprinkled  with whispy clouds ! The trees around us swayed with a gentile breeze! It really was the prefect winters day 

Pepper, Pancake +Pikelet , Peta  ( hidden) ,Penny ,  Petula and I made a circle , sang a few songs and sent up all our good thoughts !

There was alot of magic in the air today ! I think we made a little of that .

It’s so exciting  meeting new people  !

And there we have it !  She has arrived ! Sweet , friendly ,and super adorable !

Enjoying the magic of the day ! Soaking up some sun ! 

Time to head home !  

Welcome Polly !! To our crazy ,happy,sweet, adventurous  little crew!


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