Pip at the toy fair

So today I went to the Collector Zone toy fair in Cragie at the leisure center

Long drive ahead

A long drive from home but so worth it . Saw the sun rise and drove through perth city witch I love !

Beautiful morning

I love the long drive !  Esp with how pretty it is ,with the sunrise through the clouds ! It looked like a painting


Set up was pretty quick, toys everywhere, people running all over , Some awesome  costumes and lots of take away coffee

Setting it up

I could people watch for hours !!

Busy busy

It got busy fast !  Even more people dressed up in costumes . Lots of little spiderman  walking around  . A few star wars characters.  A Wolverine  and my favorite  by far was nagasonic teenage warhead ! She looked amazing !

Spidey and venom ( well there feet atleast)

I found a few cool things to take home ! The sweetest by far was the Cabbage patch figure !

Were almost the same size !!

One of the reasons a day at the fair is so awesome is ” fair food”  yay chips !

Hot, tasty ,delicious !!

It was an awesome day ! Looking forward to the next one !!!


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