Coffee goodness!

Kitttyyyyy cup

Everyday is coffee day !but today we made it a little adventure ! It was fun !
Today my new friend Pepper joined me ! She is the newest member to our lil group of friends .
It’s a cold and cloudy day so a nice big hot coffee was exacly what was needed !

Can u see me

My little home cappuccino  machine gets used daily .sometimes 3 and 4 times daily , especially  when it gets cold !

We r the cutest

We grind our own beans at the start of the week . It doesn’t take long and the house smells pretty yummy for a while ! Normally it’s Vittoria coffee beans ( I get a heap when they go on special )



I’ve been a coffee snob for as long as I can remember . If it’s not real coffee it’s not for me !! Pepper doesn’t mind to much . She just likes to make things

Drip drip drip

It doesn’t take to long to make a cup , I enjoy it , the little ritual  every morning starts my day the beat way !

Smells yummy

Pepper and I  love to watch the machine at work ! It’s pretty interesting  if u just watch for a while


I’m not sweet enough so I need sugar ! Pepper is definitely  sweet enough especially  since she is swimming in sugar



That’s it  .. coffee made ! I’m going to watch the world go by for a while ! Watch the rain roll in and enjoy !!

Beautiful day

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